Notes on Cinema

February 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Everyday, I am learning new things about cinema.

I am not making films, so writing is the closest I can get to it. Here’s a little memo on the things I learnt this week:

  1. Do away with labels. There are no fiction or documentary films. Neither are there good or bad films. There is only the closest gesture towards cinema.
  2. Nobody can steal your ideas.
  3. The shot is the basic unit of cinema.
  4. Show me, don’t tell me.
  5. Humanity over hypocrisy, honesty over hype.
  6. Don’t be too concerned with story, but dramaturgy is essential.
  7. A film without music is admirable, but not all of us are geniuses.
  8. Reach out to basic human emotions – they are also the most universal.
  9. Strive for emotion within the first few seconds of the film. You must like me, or know that I have something to show you.
  10. If my film does not move you or make you feel anything, I have failed.
  11. Nothing is also something.

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